Our Services

We meet all your furniture’s needs. Whether you are wanting a full refinish or just a touch-up of a few spots, we are the best around.

Full Refinish

We will strip off the old finish, sand the wood smooth, fill dents, repair broken parts, and glue loose joints. You then select what color you want, whether a natural wood look or an opaque color(paint). Then we apply several coats of lacquer finish.

On-Site Projects

Have something permanently attached to the house or just too big to get out the door?  Kitchen cabinets, built in bookcases, or Pianos not easily moved. We might be able to come to you.


Have something that just needs a bit of care but not a whole refinish? We will deep clean, fill dents, touch-up any problem areas and put a clear coat over the whole thing making it look decades younger.

Player Piano Mechanisms

These machines are, simply put, amazing! But over time tubes crack, cloth tears and leather crumbles. We can get them working again! 


Broken chair rungs, broken rockers, broken legs, splitting boards, missing pieces, broken caning, and on and on. We have fixed it all. 

Building Furniture

If you are needing one more chair to go with your dining set but can’t find a match anywhere, we just might be able to make one for you.