About Us

We Do It Right

Heritage Restoration got its start in 1979 with Bert and Ruth Atwater and their son, Jay.  It started as a furniture stripping business and quickly progressed to stripping and refinishing, and then to full furniture restoration.  When Bert and Ruth retired, Jay took over and has built it to what it is today.  Joined now by son, Jayson and son-in-law Brian, Heritage Restoration is a family owned and run business that has built a reputation throughout Utah as one that pays attention to detail and does things right.
At Heritage Restoration, Jay, Jayson and Brian work meticulously to turn your family heirlooms into works of art.  They can take Grandma’s old rocking chair that has sat in the barn for decades and bring it back to its original beauty.  They can take Great Grandpa’s ice box that was in shreds and splinters and restore it to a beautiful showpiece that you would be proud to put in your home.  Do you have an old piano that the kids have beat to pieces?  Jay, Jayson and Brian can make it look brand new!  They love taking any piece of furniture in whatever shape it comes and restore it to its former glory whether it needs full restoration or just a simple repair.
 Here at Heritage Restoration, family heritage is important to us.  Grandma’s old rocker isn’t just a piece of furniture.  It is where she rested herself after a long day of work, or where she snoozed while rocking her babies to sleep.  Great Grandpa’s ice box isn’t just a piece of old furniture.  It is where he put the food he worked hard to produce to feed and sustain his family.  That old piano on which Mom took her first lessons deserves to look as beautiful as the music her grandkids play on it now.
At Heritage Restoration furniture isn’t just furniture, it is part of the family and we treat it as such.